Podcast 10 · Where´s Spanish Defence heading towards?

April 26, 2021

Just as we are committed to promote the Security and strategic culture in Spain, we have as well a desire to share our analysis on Spanish issues with non-Spanish speakers. We believe that understanding Spain´s posture in Security and Defence is essential to our friends and allies, taking into consideration Spain´s active role in the international community.

Therefore, in our first episode in English, we will be looking at the Spanish National Defence Directive 2020, Spain’s position in the international Security arena and the main challenges it faces as a defence actor; while showing how our unique geostrategic location strongly determines our Security and Defence policies.

We have with us today Jesús de Ramón-Laca, former adviser to two Spanish Ministers of Defence; currently a consultant and university lecturer in International Relations, and a member of our think-tank Artículo30.

Direction: Leticia Benítez

Production: Blanca Marabini, Isabel Renedo, Iago Soler

Foto: Departamento de Seguridad Nacional

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